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Systematic withdrawal plan

A systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) allows investors to receive a regular income while still maintaining their investments' growth potential. Investors can use a SWP to supplement the income they are receiving from any other source. A SWP includes convenient pay-out options and has several tax advantages.

Administrative information

  • No service fees
  • To set up a SWP, you must have:
    • A minimum account balance of $5,000
    • A void cheque if payments will be sent electronically to a bank, trust, credit union or caisse populaire account
  • You may choose to have withdrawals made:
    • Twice monthly
    • Monthly
    • Every two months
    • Quarterly
    • Semi-annually
    • Annually
    • Any day of the month
  • Payments can be made in two ways:
    • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
    • Cheque – mailed within two business days

Special information

  • At anytime you may (by phone, fax, or letter):
    • Change SWP information*
    • Stall SWP*
    • Restart SWP*
    • Stop SWP*

*We must receive five business-days notice before the next scheduled SWP transaction to process any of these changes.

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